Emergency and Special Needs

May 5, 2012
School Schedule
May 6, 2012

ALL Parents must sign their child in and out every day in the sign in/out book using their FULL signatures.

In the event of accident or emergency, parents are to be notified within 30 minutes by phone or other expedient means. Written notice will be given within 24 hours.

There are no pesticides are used at Kiddie Kampus.

Special Needs
Kiddie Kampus is not equipped to support the specialized needs of mentally and/or physically handicapped children.

No medications, prescriptions or over-the-counter, will be administered by Kiddie Kampus staff. If a child shows signs of illness or infestation, parent will be notified. Child must be temporarily removed from the program until a documented statement from a health care provider verifies that the child is healthy enough to return.

Discipline & Guidance
This is an age related time out combined with positive reinforcement .
Ex.: 1yr olds receive 1 minute time out; 2yrs two minute; with a maximum of 5minutes for 5/6yrs olds.

Kiddie Kampus does not provide vehicular transportation. Field trips are not a part of our curriculum.

Toilet Training
Parents of children who are not toilet trained must provide all diapers, pull-ups, training pants, baby wipes and powder as needed. Parents of infants will also provide formula and bottles for their babies. All parents need to provide a change of clothes for their child.